T-shirt company replaces Redskins with Rednecks


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By Ryan Wilson | CBSSports.com

Some 1,500 Rednecks t-shirts were sold in the first week. (via Headline Shirts)
Some 1,500 Rednecks t-shirts were sold in the first week. (via Headline Shirts)

San Fransico-based T-shirt company Headline Shirts has taken full advantage of the Redskins name controversy by introducing a new line of shirts based on the team logo. But instead of a Native American, a redneck, complete with raccoon tail and mullet — is prominently featured.

(No idea if this violates trademark law, but if it does, and a judge does not overturn the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s ruling canceling the Redskins’ trademark registration, there’s nothing the team would be able to do about it.)

The image above has been a big hit on Facebook, imgur and Reddit. And according to the Sports Bog‘s Dan Steinberg, the shirt went through two reprintings in a week. Some 1,500 shirts were sold the the first week which, according to Jake Ginsky of Headline Shirts, “easily five times the average for the first week of a new shirt.”

Ginsky said the company has been thinking about a Redskins-themed shirt for some time.

“It’s fun to sometimes stir the pot, and if we can get some attention for it, great,” Ginsky said told Steinberg. “This one we had a clear position on and just went for it. It definitely ruffled some feathers, and I was ready for that. … The basic idea was to just sort of flip the script, to basically give people a taste of how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot. It’s really just as simple as that.”

As for where Headline Shirts stands on the Redskins controversy, here’s the Rednecks t-shirt description:

“There’s a certain pro football team that many believe is due for a name change. To something a little less — you know — racial-slur-y. We agree. But we also know that it can be hard to break with tradition.

“So we’ve got just the solution. The Rednecks! You can basically keep the same logo. Just change a few letters, trade the feathers for raccoon tails, swap out the red-skinned caricature with a rustic Caucasian, and bam! Done.

“After all, why should Native Americans have a monopoly on all the culturally insensitive team names? What about the white folks? When is it finally going to be their turn?”

Hey, it could be worse.