August 15, 2018



Mike Holloway
Mike Holloway tells Us Weekly he plans to invest his $1 million Survivor: Worlds Apart winnings in his T-shirt company.Credit: Brian Gove/WireImage

Mike Holloway just won $1 million on Survivor: Worlds Apart, but the 38-year-old Texas oil driller isn’t planning a trip to Disney World. Instead, the Blue Collar tribe member plans to bank his winnings in his start-up T-shirt company, Sweet T’s Designs. “I’m going to invest it,” Holloway – who beat out Carolyn Rivera and Will Sims for the title of sole survivor – told Us Weekly after the May 20 finale.

Viewers saw one of Holloway’s designs – a take on the Texas state flag – during the episode, and conveys the line’s theme of “we bleed Texas.” (The fan favorite also intends to take good care of his mom, who appeared alongside her son on the finale episode. “She’ll be getting hers – don’t be worried about that!”)

However, Holloway isn’t planning to sign up for another Mark Burnett reality juggernaut – Shark Tank – in order to boost sales. In fact, reality TV isn’t even his thing. “Reality TV was never for me – Survivor was for me. I’m a huge Survivor fan and in 15 years, I’ve watched every episode two or three times,” the newly minted millionaire told Us.

As a student of the game, Holloway remains firm in his decision to bring Rivera (dubbed “Mama C” by cast and fans) to the final three. “I told everyone in the game that I was not going to take Rodney [Lavoie] to the end of the game. In the beginning, it was because he didn’t work, was lazy, and just wanted to run his mouth all the time,” he said. “But as the game progressed . . . the kid is hilarious and has got moxie. He pulls together a crazy alliance, so random, and it speaks to his character and who he is. Realistically, Rodney had to go because Rodney would have been a much closer jury vote.”

With Lavoie out of the running after Rivera bested him in a fire-making challenge, Holloway had an idea he’d be taking home the title. “One hundred percent I knew [I had a good shot]. I ended up getting six votes, which is awesome!” said Holloway, who knew he’d have at least four votes and was expecting a split vote in the end. “Six people felt I played the best game out there!”

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