The Super Tee vs Connoisseur Class T-shirts: What’s the difference?


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We live in a time when the hype around something is often more important than the thing itself. From presidents on twitter to protest t-shirts on movie stars the media noise is relentless. Its hard to make sense of what has substance and what is just well”_ more of the same old noise. Another premium brand (guess which) is launching, yet another, overpriced t-shirt-a $65 t-shirt no less-and they seem to be accruing quite a waiting list in the process, according to some reports. No, there’s no clever print, no celebrity signature, not golden thread on these tees, just a plain cotton t-shirt. That’s right. It is starting to look like the steadily-growing waiting list is one hurdle fashion acolytes will have to deal with in their pursuit of the latest “Super Tee.”

Many trending brands are falling into line to create their own version of the ”Super Tee” a plain, blank t-shirt which sells for astronomical sums, although it’s still not clear what exactly distinguishes them from $5 t-shirts on sale at the local supermarket other than their elite designer labels, and enormous price tag. We recently reported on Beyonce’s $500 Balenciaga t-shirt which was the star attraction in her hipper-than-hip travel outfit which, although it looked drop-dead on Queen B, it also pushed the limits of credulity and economic sense for the world’s favorite item of clothing.

The best thing about t-shirts is that they are the most democratic of any closet item. Everyone has one and everyone has one they love. When labels start to push the envelope of t-shirt prices we start to see inflated prices for ordinary garments being an indication of their ”quality.” This kind of economic sleight of hand is misleading, especially for a garment like a t-shirt, even if it is knitted by twelve Vestal virgins on a full moon eclipse, in a leap year, from reconstituted Jellyfish tentacles and pixie hair. The idea of a ”Luxury T-shirt” is not novel, but the idea of a Super T-shirt which defies the rules ordinary economics is the kind of thing that the fairy tale about the emperors new clothes was made up to explain.

As trending brands clamor to create an inflated perceived value around their apparel SpectraUSA has stepped away from this kind of media noise to build a very different kind of t-shirt range and legacy, one built around real quality and genuine value you instantly can feel on your back, as well as in your wallet.

Super Tees vs The Massimo T-shirt

When tasked with the project of creating a Super Tee, the design team at Spectra plowed through reams of research and design history, leaving no page unturned in an effort to build an exceptional garment from the ground up. No hype, no distractions, no nonsense. Just the best t-shirt money can buy. Our designers worked through a number of iterations until we could settle on a clean, tailored and modernist t-shirt design which would be timeless and elegant in every respect and then we did the most outrageous thing of all. We didn’t fly to Peru or Uzbekistan to find some rare-earth cotton which only grows on upside-down hills; we found American sourced cotton yarns and created a unique 40 singles 100% cotton knit which is pure, classic Americana, imbued with quality you will feel from the minute you slip it on. Again, no fuss, no hype, no bother or getting hot under the collar, just a real, honest classic American T-shirt. It’s safe to say that this tee stands head and shoulders above anything in the market not because we focus on hype, because we focus on quality and getting the basics right.

With the clean, tailored elegance and ultra-soft luxury of this unique American sourced 40 singles textile there was little else to do in creating the softest, most comfortable t-shirt available in the market. So we set about making it even softer. More research, more testing and a careful investigation of the guru of modern garment dyeing, Massimo Osti. Taking a page from his legendary design book we sought to garment dye this unique, classic tee, thereby softening it and tempering it to ensure no shrinkage (most store-bought tees experience up to 5% shrinkage as they run through your washer and dryer).

The Massimo,” GD5001, is a garment dyed masterpiece of a t-shirt. It’s better than a hyped up ”super tee” because it was built from the ground up to be a masterpiece of simplicity, quality and design. It was constructed by experts, being smart, being responsible and being patriotic about their design choices. In The Massimo we’ve created something very special, a connoisseur class t-shirt without the ridiculous price tag. This is a shirt which shows a deeper understanding of quality, value and design. Massimo owners are a select group not because they have money to burn but because they have design smarts, and know real elegance, precision and craftsmanship when they see it. It’s the subtle difference between having to be told what to buy to stay trendy, and knowing quality, Americana and style in your bones. Which is why it is also our most expensive t-shirt, because this level of quality does come with a price tag and a next-level feel and confidence which is expected from a premium connoisseur class garment such as the Massimo GD5001 garment dyed t-shirt.

In a world that is flooded with hype, spin and perception inflation, it’s rewarding to know that a few American t-shirt designers are still sticking to old school values to create new-school design, and premium apparel which needs no hype at all.ÊÊÊ