The Classic Cali Retro T-shirt and the Summer Color Explosion


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The snowballs have been tossed, the snowmen built and”_ unbuilt. Logs burned, s’mores s’mored, carols sung, noses nipped by old Jack Frost and at the dirty tail-end of winter there’s not much more to say besides a hearty ”C’mon Summer!!” And not just any summer mind, a truly Spectralicious summer filled with short sleeve tees and tanks, glorious sunshine and and easy summer smiles all day long. To get you in the mood for our favorite season we have created three unique new colors for our retro t-shirt range of classic American t-shirts to help you ease out of those soggy, muddy boots and into something with a few more summer colors.

Spectra’s 2100 range of shirts is built around a traditional, historically American retro t-shirt specification. After all, the t-shirt was born and perfected here and our homage to this incredible fashion heritage is clear in ever inch of this North American designed and created masterpiece. From the American-made yarns, to the 20 singles ring-spinning process we use create this uniquely soft and durable garment ensures a great fit and the ultimate softness under the touch. Noticeable thicker than other weaker ”industry standard” t-shirts, the 2100 Retro ring-spun tee offers the wearer all the comfort of the t-shirt that was ”good enough for grandad” with all of the advances of modern technology which finish this garment in ways which we know grandad would applaud.

SpectraUSA Summer Colors 2100 Retro T-shirt

And, yet another reason we created our own unique range of dye colors to express our very Californian joie de vivre for summer and the classic Cali summer tee. The first of these epic, uniquely SpectraUSA dye-colors, ”Spectra Squash” mixes the best of what yellow has to offer with a warm dash of the oranges of a classic LA sunset to create a warmth you can almost taste. This beautiful toasted orange pastel is not just a new color for us but a challenge to every other t-shirt out there to perform better. The dyeing process alone of SpectraUSA 2100s both softens and shrinks the parent fabric in order to minimize any shrinkage in the final product you take home with you. This tempered fabric is incredibly soft and durable across wash after dry after wash, again and again coming up tops. In these gorgeous retro ring-spun tees we’ve created a range of t-shirts which are striking, practical, comfortable and at the cutting edge of what fashion technology has to offer.

Trending hard right now is a fresh palette of both bight and soft pastel colors which threaten to dominate the entire spectrum of summer colors. They are striking and easily add light to any outfit and declare, unabashedly, that summer is here and it’s fun, fun, fun all the way. Not to be outdone by our Spectra Squash, is Spectra’s take on a clean and fresh new Mint green. Unique to Spectra’s 2100 line of retro t-shirts, this remains the freshest and cleanest of colors on any t-shirt this season and, coupled with the ultra-soft touch of this fine ring-spun 20 singles cotton retro t-shirt, the only shirt you’ll need on your back this summer. A personal favorite is the newest debutante to the SpectraUSA remarkable stable of blues, the Pacific Blue, a light, digital electric blue which is more than a little eye-catching with its perfect Pacific blue mood that says ”California, we love you!”

The 2100 retro tshirt is one of SpectraUSA’s most loved tees and remains a favorite in any closet, in any color. With the addition of these brilliant new pastels, electrifying, soft and eye-catching, the retro line of SpectraUSA is entering the summer of 2018 with more than a bang-it’s a full-on sonic boom. Grab a few of these babies whilst we’ve still got them and target a fashion blast yourself as winter turns to spring and summer becomes the new, new thing.ÊÊÊ