August 15, 2018

SpectraTees Partners with Brand Magicians Motum in Australia

SpectraTees is proud to announce a new, exclusive deal with brand management company Motum Brands, from Australia. SpectraTees, an established powerhouse in the US fashion industry has agreed, with Motum to supply a range of fine apparel to the renowned international brands that Motum manages “down under.”

With a reputation for quality, a knack for breaking the mold and a flair for originality, SpectraTees has cemented its position as a leader in, and well-established supplier to the marquee sport and surf brands in the USA.  The apparel manufacturer’s most recent business leap has taken them into international waters,  establishing an office in Sydney, Australia, where they first caught the eye of Motum Brands. Spokesman for SpectraTees, Brian McLaughlin, commented that he was very pleased that Motum has utilized SpectraTee’s expertise and inventiveness in creating quality merchandizing apparel and was excited to be recognized as a major supplier on an international stage. ”We’ve worked very hard to get here,” commented McLaughlin, ”we’re looking forward to the new challenges this brings and to supplying a great product not just at home but internationally as well.”

SpectraTees produces a wide range of products from their base in Chino, California, where they use American-made knits and dyed fabrics to produce plain and brand-able garments for the merchandizing industry and its marquee brands. SpectraTees manufactures a plethora of different styles of T-shirts and sportswear for the US market, whilst their Australian base is home to no less than the five most popular styles in use in the Aussie branded T-shirt market.

Motum Brands specializes in brand management and distribution in Australia and New Zealand. With major international brands in their portfolio such as ’47, Tervis, 2(X)IST, Wes & Willy, and now SpectraTees, Motum Brands has a wealth of experience in developing brand awareness and retail presence for brands looking to enter and prosper in the Australian & New Zealand markets.


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