August 15, 2018

Someone’s selling ‘RIP Taylor Swift t-shirts proving this has gone way too far

What the hell is up with the world?

Now yes, we may have all been a little bit obsessed with the whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West thing, but this? THIS?

Someone is selling a t-shirt that reads RIP Taylor Swift. And it costs $36 to wear the monstrosity.(Taylor Swift t-shirts)

It reads: ‘In memory of Taylor Swift 1989 – 2016’. So uncool it almost hurts.

Taylor Swift t-shirts2

And some clever clogs has already passed it onto her adversary, Kanye West.

It comes after someone actually went and created a RIP Taylor Swift memorial too.

*Loses faith in the world.*

Taylor Swift t-shirts3

The mural appeared in Melbourne, Australia from the hands of graffiti artist Lushsux. Gross.(Taylor Swift t-shirts)

It’s all happened because Kim Kardashian posted Snapchat videos of Taylor Swift’s phone conversation with Kanye West about his song Famous. In the video, she is heard approving his lyrics, despite claiming when the song was released that she hadn’t.

The mural and t-shirt appear to be in response of the fact people think Taylor Swift’s clean cut image is dead. (Taylor Swift t-shirts) However, crucially, Taylor said that Kanye West never told her about the line ‘I made that b*tch famous’ and he never played her the song like he said he would.Still, the argument goes on, with Taylor apparently now saying she’ll never speak to Kanye again.ÊÊÊ

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