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Sheriff says t-shirt made by local attorney encourages violence


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By Stephanie Parkinson Weekend Anchor/Reporter from minbcnews.com

FLINT — A t-shirt printed by a local attorney about domestic violence has people talking. The Genesee Coutny sheriff posted it on his Facebook page and says it encourages abuse against women.

It the post he shows a picture of the t-shirt, and criticizes the Flint attorney who made it. The shirt says, “You say domestic violence, I say spousal discipline.”

“It encourages violence against women,” said Robert Pickell, Genesee County Sheriff.

Pickell plans to file a complaint with the Bar Association against Flint attorney Jay Clothier.

“They need to know that this is going on,” said Pickell.

Clothier wouldn’t go on camera, but said he’s retained an attorney. Now, he’s looking into his legal options.

“Just a terrible, terrible message,” said Pickell.

In that post, the sheriff claims the shirt promotes Clothier’s law firm. Clothier told us, the shirt was made about 7 years ago, only ten were printed and he regrets having them made.

“This is a sickening message that attorney Jay Clothier is sending out to our community,” said Pickell.

Clothier says the timing is questionable. It was just Thursday when Clothier was in court representing a retired sheriff’s deputy, who Pickell charged with assaulting an inmate.

When we asked the sheriff if this Facebook post was retaliation, he said”_

“It’s not against Bob Pickell, it’s the People of The State of Michigan,” said Pickell.

Again, Clothier says he regrets making the shirt, but says he’s not actively using it to market his business.ÊÊÊ

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