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August 15, 2018

Seattle T-shirt maker capitalizes on Vikings’ muffed field goal try with ”Laces Out” message


SEATTLE – A business in Seattle’s Crown Hill neighborhood didn’t waste time cashing in on the Seahawks’ good fortune.

It’s offering a silk-screened shirt, just off the presses after Sunday’s game, that says, ”Laces Out.”

Too soon to tease Viking fans about their unexpected loss?

The phrase is a reference to Sunday’s gift to the Seahahwks, when Vikings kicker Blair Walsh attempted a laces-facing-his-foot, 27-yard, chip-shot field goal – and shanked it.

Owners of T-shirt maker,, came up with the idea for the shirt right after the game.

”We watch the game. We see what happens. Something fun that we’re all talking about,” said Jamie Munson of ”Then we put out the shirt and as you can see, I’m already wearing it. So the idea was just an idea yesterday. It happened and here we are printing them.”

Munson says the game was tough to watch, seeing the Hawks nearly lose.

”The hold is there,” he said. ”We see that the laces are out. He misses it. And all of the sudden that was the story.”

You can order the shirt online, at The company also just released a Ken Griffey Jr. shirt to celebrate his induction into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame last week.

There’s also a T-shirt that’s a tribute to Seahawk wide receiver Doug Baldwin. ”It says ‘Pedestrian.’ But the ”E” and the ‘S’ are shaped in the form of ‘8’ and a ‘9,’ Baldwin’s jersey number.

”Just to play on the idea of that, if you saw his catch yesterday, you know he’s not ‘pedestrian,’ ” said Munson.ÊÊÊ