August 15, 2018

Quiksilver jumps on board with golf apparel

By Mercer Baggs from

Golfers are not created equal. Especially the recreational ones.

Some must – absolutely must – dress like a touring pro. Others must – shamefully must – dress as outrageous as possible.

In between, you’ll find Quiksilver’s line of Amphibian shorts and polo shirts.

The company known for its surfing and skating apparel is venturing out on the links. And it’s not compromising its style.

The Amphibian shorts measure 18-22 inches in length and come in a variety of colors and patterns. As the name suggests these can be worn on the course or in the pool. They are lightweight polyester and range from $49.95-59.95, retail.

The polo shirts come in a variety of solids and stripes, ranging from $35-55. We tried out the men’s Water Polo 2, which is 100 percent polyester with water-wicking properties. Well fit and lightweight it allowed for easy swings without restriction or too much baggage.

The Platypus and Scallopuss Amphibian shorts were also given a test run – or walk.

The sizes were true in both width and length. The boardshorts drifted to the knee but not beyond.

And while they are definitely comfortable enough to wear around the house or at the beach, they are also appropriate for the course.

How you dress isn’t going to shave strokes off your game. But being comfortable will definitely make the game more enjoyable.


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