August 15, 2018

Profile: The Bi-blend t-shirt

The much vaunted Bi-blend t-shirt or, for those in the know-the SpectraUSA 3050 Bi-blend-is a benchmark t-shirt design from Spectra’s range of apparel and easily a ”favorite t-shirt,” from the novice to the connoisseur t-shirt collector. But why the ”no-brainer,” ”go-to” quality of this garment? What makes it so special? In a word, it’s the hardest working t-shirt in fashion, and it wears effortlessly.

Now I don’t say this without reservation: There are a lot of t-shirts out there which you may prefer, for this detail or that peculiarity and each to their own on matters sartorial. However, you won’t find a t-shirt anywhere which is as functional, and yet wears and hangs as gorgeously as one of Spectra Apparel’s Bi-blend t-shirts does. Indeed, there are million poly-cotton variations afloat in the t-shirt market created to fit almost any taste and utility, and although SpectraUSA will tell me that their proprietary Bi-blend formula involves both natural and synthetic fibers – polyester and cotton to be specific-both American made yarns-they are a reluctant to let me have a look at how they make their ”secret sauce,” how these remarkable fibers are wound and spun into, what amounts to the best fitting poly-cotton t-shirt that I’ve ever put on.

So, no secret sauce recipe (yet), but what distinguishes this shirt from the horde of poly-cotton pretenders to the throne? That’s easy, most t-shirts are built around the shape of a ”T” hence the name ”T-shirt,” the 3050 Bi-blend is a uni-sex garment designed around the shape of a human being, both their physiology as well as how a human body moves, and feels, within the garment itself. The SpectraUSA 3050 Bi-blend t-shirt is not merely a shirt, it is an understanding of human morphology and movement, and a testament to really smart design.

That’s design from the floor up, beginning with their revolutionary American-made bi-blend yarn and it’s proprietary SpectraSpun formulation, through the precision knitting and weaving of these incredible fibers into a fabric which is now legendary in the industry. Taking the baton from this well conceived launchpad, the designers have modeled a unique shape and specification into each sizing of this garment to ensure it fits where it should and stretches when it’s asked. Necklines are sensible, sleeves snap to attention, draping smartly and all around, the smooth weave of this remarkable textile seems as if it is just begging for action.

What does all of this amount to when you wear a Bi-blend 3050? Well, here is a shirt which hangs precisely from the apex of the shoulders and drapes itself beautifully across the torso, regardless of gender. Ordinarily, tube-style cuts are overly constrictive and, what you gain from getting rid of the seams you lose in pulling on, what can sometimes feel less like a t-shirt and more like a Boa constrictor. The Bi-blend 3050 is a very different creature. Its unique design allows a for fluid freedom of movement with a little bit of extra stretch granted by the poly-cotton bi-blend in this unique textile. How this translates on the street is unique to Spectra’s 3050 Bi-blend t-shirt. This is a garment which works with its wearer, providing a fit which moves with you, holds its shape like a premium t-shirt should but goes that extra yard, to stay as ready for action as you are.

And that really is the difference for the 3050, it’s a t-shirt built around the modern lifestyle and the high demands of early-adopter. future-forward fashion sensibilities. These days it is the t-shirt which remains the yardstick, the ubiquitous cornerstone fashion item of any closet, at any age or gender, and at any price point. I think you’ll agree that the quality of your street and casual wear tees tells a story how much you’re spending on your closet every month. Where SpectraUSA excels with their Bi-blend technology and with the 3050 in particular is that they have raised the bar on the t-shirt’s ubiquity significantly. Here is a light-weight t-shirt with wicking ability-making it a smart workout choice-which drapes like a $100 t-shirt and remains a hard-wearing and svelte closet necessity across its lifespan. The extra ”give” it brings to all active lifestyles, especially sports, puts it head and shoulders above any pretender to the throne. That extra bit of confidence in knowing your shirt won’t blow a seam or crack under the pressure shows all the obvious differences between a smart apparel choice, and a cheap one.

But the 3050 isn’t only the athlete’s go-to choice for a casual shirt. As the mercury rises and the summer temperatures edge ever closer to triple digit discomfort, the 3050’s unique wicking ability works to keep its wearer dry. Its Bi-blend yarns use the breath-ability of cotton and the wicking of synthetic fibers to simultaneously all the skin to breathe and cool the torso, whilst wicking and lifting any perspiration from the body. The proprietary formula which Bi-blend technology brings to this shirt allows the wearer to feel ensconced in a functional, elegant garment which is working out almost as hard as they are. This is the genius behind the 3050, plain and simple.

There are a lot of t-shirts out there which will claim all sorts of things about how cool they keep the wearer, how well they wick away perspiration, how their fiber blend is superior because of factor X and factor Y but when the chips are down, there really is only one 3050 Bi-blend.

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