August 15, 2018

Price Chopper demands Upstate NY artists end production of Ghetto Chopper T-shirts, report says

Two Albany area artists have been asked cease and desist all “Ghetto Chopper” products, a report says. (Screenshot from News 10)

After receiving backlash and a cease and desist order from Price Chopper, two Albany area designers are discontinuing the production of their “Ghetto Chopper” T-shirts.

News 10 reports Dana Owens and Chip Fasciana took a nickname for the grocer and turned it into a graphic. The image is similar to the store’s current logo, and features a gun.

Upon seeing the design, Facebook users criticized Owens and Fasciana, saying their creation was “tasteless” and “racist,” News 10 says. The two defended themselves and the T-Shirt by saying it was intended to satirical and funny.

“All we were trying to do was illustrate; put a visual to what people have been calling it for years,” Owens said to News 10.

However, people continued to argue the design was racist and demeaning to neighborhoods surrounding the Price Chopper on Delaware Avenue in Albany. The artists denied these claims, saying they had no intentions of the logo being racist, News 10 continues to report.

Owens continued to explain his thoughts behind the design to News 10:

What I produce is a reflection – my reflection on society. It’s not a direct stab at any particular group, gender, sex. Doesn’t matter.

Despite what the artists say, Price Chopper had different opinions. A spokesperson told News 10 that Owens and Fasciana’s logo connects their company to violence, derogatory statements and doesn’t reflect their policy. Therefore, the grocery chain ordered a cease and desist of all “Ghetto Chopper” items. The artists are complying, News 10 says.

All orders for the T-shirt have been canceled. Owens and Fasciana add that they do not wish to engage in a legal battle with Price Chopper, and apologize for offending anyone.

By Allie Healy |
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