Pentagon T-shirt Designs Raise Sexual Assault Awareness


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The Department of Defense observes the crime of sexual assault in the military each April.

In an effort to raise awareness of sexual assault in the military, all four branches organized the ”Clothesline Project,” an activity at the Pentagon where members of the military could decorate a T-shirt to observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The project’s goal is to ”bear witness to survivors of rape and sexual assault. Help heal survivors and those who love them. Educate, document and raise awareness” via T-shirts.

The T-shirts will be displayed the week of April 14th in the Pentagon courtyard.

The Pentagon released a report last year estimating that sexual assault cases had increased by 35% since 2010. Since the release of the report the DoD and the White House have come out in strong support of reviewing what appears to be an epidemic within the ranks.

Check out some of the T-shirts below.

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