August 15, 2018


Upside down flag

One clothing company, Pacific Sunwear, is under fire for a t-shirt that was prominently displayed for the Memorial Day weekend that many Americans are calling offensive. The t-shirt features an image of the American flag in black and white flying upside down. An American flag flown upside down is a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property and those opposed to the shirt feel that unless PacSun was being robbed at gunpoint, there was no reason for such an offensive shirt to be on display. However, backers of the shirt say that the flag is rightfully being flown upside down as many feel the country is in a state of distress and are allowed to fly the flag in such a manner thanks to freedom of speech.
The Pacific Sunwear Facebook page is being overloaded with comments from angry consumers who feel that a Memorial Day display that included a black and white tee shirt with an upside down flag graphic is ”un-American.” An image was uploaded by Pacific Sun customer Rachel Zawacki-Kuss that showed a clothing display at the Tanger Outlet PacSun store in Foley, Alabama. Rachel noted that thanks to the disrespectful display, she will not be shopping at Pacific Sun anymore. However, the image was then shared repeatedly by other unhappy customers which are now inundating the page with requests for the shirt to be immediately pulled from the store shelves.
PacSun upside down flag shirt

Rachel questioned why this type of shirt would be displayed so prominently on Memorial Day weekend and has left many asking what message the company is trying to send. Numerous costumers have said that that they will no longer be shopping at the store after such a blatant disregard for military veterans and active service members.

”I have been a patron of your store for a while, however after seeing this photo I will no longer be. Shame on your company for purchasing, displaying, and selling these despicable shirts.”

”Our flag is not some fashion accessory. You have no right to print it upside down. Take it off your shelves, apologize, and I’m never spending money on your clothes again. Way to screw up.”

In addition to being on store shelves, the t-shirt is also available on the company’s website. As of the time of this posting, PacSun has not made a statement regarding the controversial shirt and still has the t-shirt for sale on its website.

Do you think the upside down flag shirt is offense? Should PacSun apologize and remove the displays?


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