South Central, the historic region of Los Angeles that birthed Gangster Rap and served as the backdrop of the L.A riots, has piqued the interest of none other than ousted American Apparel CEO Dov Charney.

The entrepreneur who during his time as CEO of the trendy clothing brand was accused of doing shitty things like holding a teenage employee hostage and making them a sex slave talked to Bloomberg about his plans to run more companies.

”We hope to create a brand that captures the attention of the world,” Charney said. ”It will be irreverent and authentic.”


Charney noted that he has his sights set on South Central for his new venture. He made the claim that Downtown Los Angeles had become ”cool” because of American Apparel and that his new company would have the same effect on South Central.

”The next place I intend to make cool is south of the 10 freeway, right on the banks of downtown.” Charney said.

Currently, South Central Los Angeles is experiencing what some fear are the warning signs of gentrification. While the area was for some time seen as a bad investment for developers, a new high-rise development might change things. According to Curbed L.A, The Reef megadevelopment threatens to upend the large parts of community.

”The Reef is a $1.2-billion, 1.66-million-square-foot project that would rise on the site of two parking lots-this thing promises to be a beast, with a 19-story, 208-room hotel and two condo high-rises (32 and 35 stories tall), all overlooking a pedestrian shopping plaza.”

In an interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS, Charney called the neighborhood ”the most exciting neighborhood in the United States,” adding ”it just has all the ingredients for this creative combustion that’s gonna take place.” Oh boy.