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No Whiners Allowed! Chicago Dad Creates Bad Behavior T-Shirts


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By Wendy Widom from chicago.cbslocal.com

CHICAGO (CBS) – Roger’s Park resident Paul Dolan, tired of children displaying less-than-cheery behavior, created what he believes is the perfect antidote: themed T-shirts, which he’s selling on Etsy. According to a post he shared on Facebook, these shirts ”warn kids and parents to try on a better attitude.”

”Instead of No Parking (boring) Monday-Friday No Moaning, No Tears, No Whining, No Tantrums and No Fussing are strictly enforced!” he writes.

Judging from the response, parents can’t wait to purchase these wearable badges of bad behavior. Dolan says he has not received any negative feedback about the shirts. The only critique he has heard so far is that he does not offer sizes for older kids and adults.

”There’s no reason you should complain,” Dolan says of his motivation behind the themed apparel, ”because things aren’t so bad.”

Despite the obvious cheekiness, I think my kid would be upset if I got her a T-shirt calling out her less than desirable actions, in a color that reminds me of Orange is the New Black.

I mentioned this to Dolan, who said the shirts are not intended to give kids a label or ”scarlet letter.” He believes it’s a gentle reminder that we should remember how lucky we are and retain our sense of humor, especially when it comes to parenting.


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