Miley Cyrus doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind, and lately she’s been letting her graphic tees do all of the talking. Whether she’s supporting gay or transgender rights, Miley Cyrus reps gear that backs up the LGBTQ community, and there’s even more gear I’d love to see her in because there’s noting quite like making a fashion and political statement at the same time. And nobody does that better than Miley. Trust.

This happy hippie is going with the flow, but wants to stand up for what she believes in through creating a foundation to help homeless youth, starting a fashionable trend that reps gay pride, and more (hello, armpit hair!). She recently wore a pin that said, ”Gay O.K.” and shortly after a tank that said, ”Gender Is Over.” I love that this singer is able to use her position in the limelight to try to do some good.

This is only the beginning for Miley. It’s time she kicks her statement-making graphic tee game into high gear by shopping these tees, STAT. They’d totally fit her outspoken personality and support the LGBTQ community-and I can’t think of a better way to use fashion for good!

Here are 7 pro-LGBTQ shirts that the happy hippie herself should sport next:

1. Miley + Stella


2. Love Is Love

$25, Nylon

3. Gender Norms For Breakfast

$20, Look Human

4. Love Wins


5. F Wid Us

$38.40, Nylon

6. All I Want To Do Is”_

$20, Look Human

7. Caitlyn Is My Fav


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