August 15, 2018

Marty McFly’s Outfit – In T-Shirt Form

From by Conner Flynn

You want to look like McFly don’t you? *knock knock* Hello McFly?!? Anybody home? Up until now, if you wanted to dress like Marty, at bare minimum you needed to at least buy an orange hunting vest. Fans of the Back To The Future movies can now dress just like Marty McFly with this t-shirt.

This awesome Back to the Future shirt is available on Amazon for about $30(USD). You get the maroon t-shirt, blue plaid button-up shirt, jean jacket, and orange vest, all in one shirt. Sweet! Marty was layered up real good and ready for the coldest weather.

It’s great for Halloween or just everyday geek wear. Just don’t forget your skateboard. Or your crazy old Doctor friend.

[via Geekologie]


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