Illustrators Collaborate With Children To Design T-Shirts


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by Betty Felon from

A team of international artists teamed up with Face This, a Dutch foundation, to design a line of graphic t-shirts based off of the original artwork of Indonesian children, resulting in a collaboration that is both meaningful and stylish. Face The project was untaken to raise money for the Asy-Syifa community center (Bogor, Indonesia) through the means of turning their students’ illustrations into t-shirts for sale. This year Face This has collaborated with renown illustrators to bring these designs to life. Cecilia Carlstedt, Ana Benaroya,Marguerite Sauvage, Kate Gibb, Dan Page, David Despau, KT Smail, Frida Wannerberger and Billie Jean, who offer unique design insight to create a chic spin on these fun ideas.

The collection features designs for sizes ranging from kids to adults, and run between Ì¢Û_Â14,95 to Ì¢Û_Â34,95 (approximately $20 to $47).

Additionally, the students of the Asy-Syifa community center conducted interviews with each artist about their shirt designs, their favorite comics, and whether or not you can take a cat to space (note: according to David Despau, you can).

Photos by Jaap Vliegenthart, courtesy of Face This.


Ana Benaroya x Face This

Ana Benaroya x Face This

Billie Jean x Face This

Billie Jean x Face This

Cecilia Carlstedt x Face This

Cecilia Carlstedt x Face This

Dan Page x Face This

David Despau x Face This

Frida Wannerberger x Face This

Kate Gibb x Face This

KT Smail x Face This

Marguerite Sauvage x Face This

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