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August 15, 2018

Texas 8th grader sent home for wearing inappropriate t-shirt

Texas 8th grader sent home for wearing pro-LGBT t-shirt telling haters to ‘Get Over It’
Students get sent home all the time for wearing inappropriate t-shirts but is there really anything offensive about a shirt that reads, ”Some People Are Gay, Get Over It?” KCEN TV is reporting that 13-year-old Ali Chaney was sent home from her grade school in Copperas Cove, Texas, for wearing inappropriate t-shirt because the school prohibits ”clothing that is disruptive to the learning environment based on reactions by other students is prohibited.”

Chaney was given another shirt to wear by the school but declined and was sent home.

Chaney’s mother Cassie Watson tells KCEN TV that her daughter felt that she was being discriminated against for being gay.

”I would never, ever have expected it from the administration. I would think that the administration would be the first ones there to support her,” she said.

Apparently the shirt was causing a disruption in class, however, which the school says is why it took action.ÊÊÊ