August 15, 2018

How to Keep Wearing Your Favorite T-shirts Into Fall

By Jake Woolfa day ago from

The fall equinox is near, and on that day, the sun and moon will be in perfect harmony (or something). Despite that, your summer clothes will be in transition, forced into hiding until the great thaw of 2016. In turn, one of your favorite parts of warm weather-wearing T-shirts-is essentially over. Yet there are those of us who just can’t bear the idea of being without our short-sleeve loves. Luckily, there’s a quick style hack that can come to your aid. All you’ve got to do is to layer a waffle-textured thermal shirt under your tees. This way you can keep sporting them well into the chillier months of the year while seamlessly incorporating them into your layering game. Here’s how to pull it off the right way.

(Color) Family Matters
A white thermal shirt under a black tee is feasible, but it’s better to remain tonal for a more grown-up look. The trick though is not matching the colors to a tee (no pun intended). Something in the same zone, like green or blue, but just a few shades lighter or darker, is the sweet spot.

How It Should Fit
If you’re going to be wearing these thermal shirts exclusively under T-shirts, then you want to make sure they’re as slim as possible to reduce bulk. But, it’s probably a good idea to wear T-shirts that fit on the roomier side for this particular style swerve before your look reaches NFL combine levels of tightness.

The Right T-Shirts
Stripe, solids, pocket tees and other simple, classic styles are all prime candidates for the thermal-layered look. A beat up concert T-shirt or the one you got at the company picnic can probably be left in your drawer (or, in the latter case, chucked altogether). The same goes for the thermals themselves, which can often be done-up in camo and other distracting patterns.

Keep It Casual
At the end of the day, this look is easy-going in nature. You’re still wearing a T-shirt, after all. So it’s a vibe best paired with jeans, cargo pants, sneakers, or beat-up boots. And, though a tech-y parka seems like the obvious choice, your tee will get the shine you want it to if let your new topcoat sway in the breeze.ÊÊÊ

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