August 15, 2018

For sale: Arizona Elite Eight T-shirts. Really?

By Matthew T. Hall from

The University of Arizona bookstore was promoting T-shirts that could make the strongest Aztec’s knees buckle Tuesday.

They said “2014 NCAA Elite Eight Arizona Wildcats.” (Yes, you read that right. ELITE EIGHT.)

The ad carried this text: “The Wildcats had an amazing season and made it all the way into the Elite Eight. It may be the end of basketball season, but don’t let it end your devotion. Show the Wildcats that you’re proud of how hard our University fought. Cheer on the Wildcats, and Bear Down!”

The shirts were being offered for $26.99. There was no word on how much that price would change, you know, if SDSU actually beat the Wildcats Thursday night IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN.

So what’s the deal with the shirts?

Ninety minutes after this post went live, the bookstore had removed the page with the T-shirts from its website after a reader in Arizona told them about it. Around 8 p.m., I received this statement via email from Chris Sigurdson, the senior associate vice president of university relations at Arizona, that said: “The University of Arizona BookStores experienced an unintentional leak of a hidden web page that was never meant for public release. This page included designs created in preparation for March Madness, a common practice for most retailers. It was never for sale. The mistake does not reflect any assumptions about tournament outcomes and the UA BookStores sincerely regrets the error.”

This game was always going to be settled on the court, where it should be, but it’s good the T-shirt episode is settled now, too.

Still, it was a funny diversion. Aztecs fans were offended and amused. Consider this Facebook exchange.

Jeff Powers: OK AZTECS…AZ printing ELITE 8 Tees. Time to kick some wildcat ass

Cliff Albert: Typical irritating Zonies.

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