Express your rage over Pluto’s de-planeting with this Woot shirt


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How could anyone say no to such a cute wittle face?ApeLad/

Tired of people piling on poor Pluto just because they believe it’s no longer a planet? Amazon’s daily deal website has a shirt that will show what side you’re on.

Pluto is the celestial body in our solar system that everyone wants to be seen with thanks to those amazing paparazzi shots from the New Horizons probe.

The problem is that Pluto still isn’t a member of the“Planet Club” and it doesn’t seem fair. People love this plucky little dwarf planet because it’s being treated like the kid on the playground that no one will pick to be on their team, even though it’s go tmore heart than all of those planets combined. It’s the “Rudy” of our solar system.

If you’re tired of seeing Pluto being treated like a third-string player who can only dream of just suiting up and standing on the sidelines on game day, the daily deal site has the perfect T-shirt for you.

Using NASA’s stunning photo of the dwarf planet, artist ApeLad came up with a great design for a T-shirt that expresses how a lot of people feel about Pluto’s planet-status downgrade. It shows a cute, cartoon face on the hemisphere with a distinctive heart shape asking the question, “Can I be a planet now?”

If you just said “no” to that adorable dwarf planet, then you either have anger issues or you really care about this topic way too much because you just said “no” to a computer that can’t answer back. Either way, please seek counseling immediately.


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