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August 15, 2018


T-shirts are wearable expressions of your passions, which is why they make great gifts for just about anyone.

Pretty much every interest, hobby, and pop-culture reference point is on a t-shirt somewhere, and we’ve put together a list of best t-shirts to give out this holiday season.

Video Game Apparel

Clothe the Metal Gear fan in your life in this Metal Gear Solid Fox Hound tee. The Fox Hound emblem is emblazoned on the front and is just as awesome as the series from which it originated.


If you have a Bloodborne fan on your “nice list” this year, grab them this awesome Bloodborne Eileen the Crow tee. They’ll appreciate the heck out of it, and they’ll appreciate more with subsequent wearings.


It’s hard to say if The Witcher 3 is game of the year, but it’s definitely in the running. This Witcher 3 Monster Slayer shirt sees our hero Geralt in a cool graphic with a double-exposure motif, but with monsters.


In a lot of ways, Christmas morning is like that first time escaping the Vault, minus the nuclear apocalypse. You wake up, you look around, and there’s stuff for you to collect all over the floor. Consider adding this awesome Fallout Track Jacket to the lootpile of any Fallout fan. Also be sure to check out Naomi’s picks of other items all Fallout fans should have.

Movie Apparel

This is quite possibly the coolest 007 tee ever created. The James Bond Thunderball Kanji Tee is so cool, you can give it to anyone with a keen sense of fashion and they’ll be pretty stoked.

omics, TV, and Pop Culture

This Dragon Ball Z Capsule Corp. shirt is an awesome gift for the Saiyan on your list. Since it’s made of cotton, it’s breathable, which will be welcome when your gift recipient is training at 100 times Earth’s gravity.


Arguably the best comedy on TV right now, this Silicon Valley Pied Piper Hoodie will let anyone rep their nerd cred. If you have a sardonic techie with an HBO Now subscription in your life, get this hoodie. They’ll thank you.


Hodor! Hodor hodor hodor hodor? Hodor hodor. Hodor!


This cool, minimalist Batman Beyond t-shirt makes an awesome gift for fans of the Batman Beyond series. It’s the logo, on a black shirt, and that’s it! Is there anything else that needs to be included? Nope. All the information a person needs is in that one graphic.

Clothing is the gift that keeps on giving, and the apparel featured in our guide will keep your loved ones from walking around without shirts or jackets. As the temperatures dip, they’ll appreciate the warmth and the style you provided with one of these thoughtful gifts.

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