August 15, 2018

Beyonc̩’s Balenciaga T-Shirt

When you think air travel you probably think, scruffy t-shirt, sweats and comfy shoes. Anything really, which will you cozy as you squish into your seat in and pretend you are not trapped inside a steel tube next to hundreds of complete strangers hurtling through the stratosphere on your way to”_ wherever. The t-shirt is the staple in this air-ordeal ensemble. I have a few regulars I like to fly with, and you probably have a few faves yourself. This is no different for high profile flyers like BeyoncÌ©. Indeed, BeyoncÌ©’s Balenciaga T-shirt, made a few headlines this week as her ”travel outfit” blew us all away.

Beyonc̩'s Balenciaga T-Shirt

Although, to be fair, BeyoncÌ©’s travel outfit and your (or my) ”travel outfit” aren’t really the same thing. Not even the same sport to be fair. Ahem”_ actually they’re not even from the same planet now that I think about it. Let’s start with a nice, comfy BeyoncÌ© travel t-shirt. Now, what qualifies as a BeyoncÌ© ”travel t-shirt” is made by Balenciaga and retails for around $500. Yes it’s better than gorgeous. And sure, that girl would make a paper bag look great if you dressed her in it, but that Balenciaga tee looks beyond splendid. The print on BeyoncÌ©’s Balenciaga t-shirt is part of the famous Spanish fashion brand’s 2017 Spring casual wear collection and features a print of the instantly recognizable Sudanese model, Alek Wek. The t-shirt is oversized, charcoal, with sleeves rolled and the colors just drip off of it and, without a doubt, it it the central piece that holds the whole outfit together. Let’s be clear here, that outfit includes a pair of Yves Saint Laurent boots and an MCM bag to boot, we’re talking about one king-hell of a t-shirt here.

Snapping this pic for instagram this week, BeyoncÌ©-ever the fashion forward-style-meister demonstrates just how versatile the humble t-shirt is and how astonishingly beautiful it can be. No doubt the rush for over-sized tees has already begun. If you are looking to emulate this pop and fashion diva, look no further than an outsized ”Massimo” garment dyed t-shirt from the Spectra store. In Raven charcoal it is the prefect shade of slate which is trending on the backs of the rich, famous and infamous right now and, in luxurious 40 singles ring-spun cotton it matches the fine quality and luxury of the mega brands pound for pound.ÊÊÊ

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