August 15, 2018


Is your deodorant failing you during your workout session?

Now you could exercise in the gym worry free about B.O! Three young entrepreneurs passionate about fitness, came together to create the next groundbreaking activewear. Ryan, Steven and Trevor created a product that can solve a very personal issue most of us face. Introducing Buffer, the odor free gym tee! The Buffer t-shirt will work as hard as you do.(gym tee)

The problem with most activewear is that they trap odor. After several washes and wears, the odors can be locked in for good!

Through extensive research and product development, the entrepreneurs found an element that could be woven into the fabric of the t-shirt to destroy odor causing bacteria. The Buffer t-shirt uses fabric that is electroplated with copper nanoparticles. Copper has been proven to eliminate bacteria so much so that it is used in hospitals.

The Buffer t-shirt has the potential to be the next big hit!

The Buffer team is looking to raise $17k to launch their line. You can pledge anywhere from $7 or more. Pledging for $34 or more gets you a Buffer t-shirt in a size and color of your choice. A pledge of $44 or more gets you a custom workout plan and Buffer t-shirt pack.
Watch Buffer’s Kickstarter campaign video below to learn more about how the odor free t-shirt can put an end to smelly workout sessions!ÊÊÊ

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