It’s the end of February and, although we’re not completely in the clear just yet, it’s beginning to get balmy out. For the general populace, that means that life has gotten less miserable. But for the bros of the world, that means so much more.

If you’re familiar with the philosophy, ”sun’s out, guns out,” you know it’s tank top time.

But you can’t sport just any kind of sleeveless shirt. Jack McCarthy and Aditya Sastry, two Babson students and roommates, literally have your back with their e-commerce startup, Vibe Tanks, which offers a line of the most outrageous tank tops you could ever conceive of.

”Being college students, we’ve been exposed to people who wear tanks,” McCarthy explained. ”Our target demographic is someone college-aged up to 30 who goes to the gym, likes to wear tanks, likes to show American pride, is a bit over the top, wears Chubbies shorts and reads things like BroBible and Total Frat Move. Those are the people we have in mind as we’re designing these tanks.”

Now that you have an almost too clear picture of Vibe Tanks’ ideal customer, you can imagine how majestic the company’s designs are. From a tank with just a picture of Benjamin Franklin’s face from the $100-bill to another shirt simply named ”Intergalactic Freedom,” its line of tops could be the most ridiculously awesome form of bro apparel I’ve seen to date.

Fraternities and spring breakers aren’t the only ones who enjoy Vibe Tanks, though. According to McCarthy, there have been a couple of Blue Angels pilots wanting in on the apparel. He shared one instance:

Our best-seller is a tank with a bald eagle perched on top of the Capitol. In the armhole area, there are 3 Blue Angels flying across it. That one is the most popular, most seen design. One day, there was a Tweet at us from Dusty Cook, who is a Blue Angels pilot. He said something like, ‘Love the tank. Can you make one with my plane on it?’ He flies a plane called Fat Albert, which is one of the Blue Angels, but it’s a supply plane and not as high-speed as the others…We found photo of Fat Albert that we could use commercially, he approved it and we made it one of our designs.

McCarthy is currently taking off a semester, spending his time in California, where he and Sastry originally launched Vibe Tanks last summer. The company is gearing up for the warm weather, coming up with some new designs and bracing itself for an uptick in sales.

Images via Vibe Tanks.