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SpectraTees creates premium quality blank t-shirts and activewear in California, USA. We pride ourselves on our North American manufacturing base located in California, where we conceptualize and design our garments as well as knit and dye all of our raw textiles. Our expert engineers cut, sew and finish every Spectra premium apparel garment in our two vertically integrated production hubs in Baja, Ensenada.


Being a local supplier we have the advantage of quick turn around times. We respond rapidly to the ever-changing retail market with our focus on giving clients the quickest speed-to-market possible.

Spectra’s inventory model is a simple one: We stock large quantities of the most popular colors, as well as greige tubes (knitted yarn fabric) in the same specifications. This allows us to replenish our inventory at a rapid rate without compromising our high standards of quality manufacture and turn around time. Having a local supply means we have the advantage of a standard 3-4 week turn around time, whilst our competitors can only turn around shipments at 10-12 week intervals.


Our spacious 500,000-square-foot warehouse is home to a myriad of premium blank t-shirt styles and is conveniently located in Chino, CA–the distribution capital of Southern California. We use vertically integrated production processes in synergy with a state-of-the-art modular manufacturing platform to rapidly meet all of our customer’s production needs. Our mechanized cutting and digital patterning technologies allow seamless conversions and custom runs across our range of superior styles.



Spectratees fulfillment services includes warehousing, pick and pack, as well as on-demand drop-shipping, to assist customers to maximize their speed to market. Contact us to minimize your exposure and maximize your returns through our superior platform.

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